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Prior to establishing Pamela Clemo & Co in 1984, Pamela worked at Cameron McKenna and Hogan Lovell in London, where she was part of the EEC team.


Always detail-oriented, Pamela applies her extensive experience and insight to each case and, where necessary, is a tenacious advocate on behalf of clients.


As Senior Partner, Pamela defines the heavily client-orientated ethos of the business. No matter how large or small the matter, each client receives a quality and personalised service.



With a highly successful career in finance and hedge fund management, Roger offers specific expertise in negotiation, disputes and mediation.


With an extraordinary eye for detail and creative problem solving, Roger is able to bring an original perspective to numerous contentious scenarios.


Indicative of this expertise, Roger acted as an expert in a major pre-trial mediation in Bermuda, helping to deliver a positive outcome for that particular client in a highly contentious matter.

Pamela Clemo & Co | 146 Coombe Lane West  Kingston-upon-Thames  Surrey KT2 7DE
Telephone:  +44 (0) 208 336 6160  |  Email:

Pamela Clemo & Co. Solicitors is registered with the Law Society of England & Wales & regulated and authorised by the Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority  (  SRA Number : 8001550

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